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          Home >> Product Manual Show >> Belt Filter Press System

          Power and Long Type Belt Filter Press


          Power and Long Type Belt Filter Press
          (1) The technical parameters of power and long type belt filter press
          ●Belt width 
          ● Belt Speed   Frequency Control
          ●Motor Power
          ●Gravity Dehydration Length   
          ●Belt Length
          ●Reference Processing Capacity
          ●Machine Net Weight
          ●Exfactory Price(Ten thousand RMB)
          *Whether the solid content is less or more than 3 percent, the aforementioned processing capacity  is always calculated by the 3 percent of solid content in feeding.
          (2) The material specifications of power and long type belt filter press
          A.General requirements
          ●The frame resists corrosion by hot dipped galvanished carbon steel with spraying epoxy resin paint. (If you choose stainless steel 304L, should give a special indication.)
          ●Stress roller and roller heads apply middle carbon alloy steel.
          ●Dewatering rollers apply stainless steel 304L.
          ●Rollers apply carbon steel with covering rubber.
          ●Driving rollers, tensioning rollers and correcting rollers apply carbon steel with covering rubber.
          ●Filter liquor collecting pan and washing device apply stainless steel 304L.
          B.Special requirement:
          The machine is manufactured according to the environmental conditions and requirements of client

          (3) The application specifications of power and long type belt filter press:
          ●Large and medium-sized municipal sewage treatment plant
          ●Municipal water works
          ●Organic sludge from industrial wastewater treatment
          ●Coarse/medium/Fine-grained inorganic sludge from industrial effluent treatment

          (4) The machine model features of power type belt filter press
          ●Relatively strong adaptability to various sludge dewatering
          ●Close type bearing
          ●Double electric motors, double drive rollers and frequency control of motor speed
          ●Gravity dehydration length is 2900mm.

          (5) Outside dimensions and mounting dimensions of power and long type belt filter press
          ●sludge outlet
          ●windpipe access
          ●upper washing pipe
          ●lower washing pipe
          ●foundation bolt 
          ●embedded PVC pipe
          ●equipment installation base level
          ● groud
          A-: A-A section plane 
          Note:  Facing to sludge outlet, electric motor and washing pipe are on the left and air control box is on the right.

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