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          Home >> Product Manual Show >> Belt Filter Press System

          Power Type Belt Filter Press


          Power Type Belt Filter Press
          (1)The technical parameters of power type belt filter press
          Belt width 
          Belt Speed   Frequency control
          Motor Power
          Gravity Dehydration Length   
          Belt Length
          Reference Processing Capacity
          Machine Net Weight
          Exfactory Price(Ten thousand RMB)
          *Whether the solid content is less or more than 3 percent, the aforementioned processing capacity  is always calculated by the 3 percent of solid content in feeding.

          (2) The material specifications of power type belt filter press
          ●A.General requirements
          The frame resists corrosion by hot dipped galvanished carbon steel with spraying epoxy resin paint. (If you choose stainless steel 304L, should give a special indication.)
          ●Stress roller and roller heads apply middle carbon alloy steel.
          ●Dewatering rollers apply stainless steel 304L.
          ●Rollers apply carbon steel with covering rubber.
          ●Driving rollers, tensioning rollers and correcting rollers apply carbon steel with covering rubber.
          ●Filter liquor collecting pan and washing device apply stainless steel 304L.
          B.Special requirement:
          The machine is manufactured according to the environmental conditions and requirements of client

          (3) The application specifications of power type belt filter press:
          ●Large and medium-sized municipal sewage treatment plant
          ●Municipal water works
          ●Organic sludge from industrial wastewater treatment
          ●Coarse/medium/Fine-grained inorganic sludge from industrial effluent treatment

          (4) The machine model features of power type belt filter press
          ●Relatively strong adaptability to various sludge dewatering
          ●Close type bearing
          ●Double electric motors, double drive rollers and frequency control of motor speed
          ●Gravity dehydration length is 2300mm.

          (5) Outside dimensions and mounting dimensions of power type belt filter press
          ●sludge outlet
          ●windpipe access
          ●upper washing pipe
          ●lower washing pipe
          ●foundation bolt 
          ●embedded PVC pipe
          ●equipment installation base level groud
          ●A-A section plane
          Note:  Facing to sludge outlet, electric motor and washing pipe are on the left and air control box is on the right.

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